Our activities we will hold will start with the work of our 15 teachers and Erasmus club students under the leadership of our project coordinator Banu Kumla and our English teachers Tuğba Diniz and Sibel Örsel. Bahariye Secondary School’s Erasmus+ project activities: 18th October 1-Designing bird feeders 2-Watching documentaries about saving the nature. 3-Investigating air pollution. 19th October 1-Designing insect hotels. 2-Watching documentaries about saving animals. 3-Investigating air pollution in Turkey and in İstanbul. 20th October 1-Visiting Nezahat Gökyiğit natural park and collecting natural materials and insects about our project. 21st October 1-Watching documentaries about feeding animals 2-Creating insect hotel by natural materials and keep on collecting insects. 3- Creating the presentation titled air p

2021-2022 Erasmus+ KA 229 Nature’safety;no more selfishness The first virtual mobility of our project will start simultaneously with all our partners in our schools between 18-22 October.

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