Prienai District Skriaudziai Basic School was founded in 1908.There are 183 pupils in the Skriaudziai Basic School in Prienai. The school offers pre-school, pre-primary, primary and basic education programs for children.The basic education program starts from grade 5 and continues to grade 10. In grade 5, students start out and learn a second foreign language, most of them chose Russian, although they can lear German too. Every day, senior students have 6 or 7 lessons and learn 13-16 different subjects: Lithuanian, two foreign languages, math, history, geography, physics, chemistry, biology, art, music, human safety, ethics, computer science, physical education .There are 26 teachers in our school who teach general education and non-formal education like dance, judo, tennis, arts and leadership. There are also 4 teachers and their three assistants who only work with pre-school children aged 3 to 5 years.

Through the project, we could enable students to gain valuable new experiences in learning with students from other schools, and help the student grow by learning English and analyzing a topic of their choice.

– One of the school’s strategic goals is to promote self-directed learning through the ability to set learning goals, engage in research and reflect on one’s own learning.

– Responsible for the implementation and coordination of the project is English teacher Ramūnas Makaveckas, who has extensive experience working with both children and adults. Also there will be the working group formed from the school’s headmaster, deputy headmaster and the teacher of geography and biology.

In the event of an emergency and a change of lead coordinator, the project will be taken over by another English teacher and the school administration.