Our school is located in Kadıköy, Bahariye, Istanbul. Since our school is a secondary school, students are aged between 11-14. There are fourty teachers and five hundred sixteen students at school. Science, Social Studies, Maths, Art, Music, English, PE , Religion and Ethics, Turkish and Computer Sciences are the school subjects that are taught in our school.

Our students are eager learners and active participants in various extracurricular activites. When given the opportunity, our students would take responsibility and contribute in every possible way. We have always been fully supported by the administration and taken part in different national projetcs. As teachers, we play a critical role in personal development of our students and we should always find ways to cater them with different perspectives and examples from around the world. That is the main reason why we want to join this project. We strongly believe that this project will enable our students learn about different cultures and become cross-cultural individuals. This project is the key to achieve our goal. Banu Kumla ( english teacher), Tuğba Dınız (English teacher), Sibel Örsel ( English teacher), Duygu Betül Koca (Vice Principal) will be in charge of running the project in the school. In case these persons leave their post in the future, Nilüfer Yaşarlar ( Counselar) and Nalan Demiralp (PE teacher) will take over their role. As Bahariye Secondary School, we have not taken role in a project before. As we know, these kind of projects connect us with different types of teaching methods. At the same time, it gives the oppurtunity to get information about different education systems in other countries. Also we believe, this project will help us compare our teaching approaches with the others. To be a part of this project will give us a great opportunity to observe different learning environments and techniques. We will also have the chance to share our experiences and communicate our thoughts with our collegues in other countries.

The world is changing rapidly and with the development of technology and the internet it’s more connected than ever before. This rapid change definitely affects the education in many ways. It’s getting more and more important to follow recent trends both in teaching and learning. At this point, as teachers we are the ones to lead our students succesfully through these changes. The more connected we are with the rest of the world, the better we understand and implement the techniques and approaches in our lessons. As Bahariye Secondary School, we would like to have the opportunity to be a part of this project and contribute to the success of this project.

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